An Amazing Breakthrough
in Antimicrobial Technology

A Product Proven to Protect


Trials at UK Hospital Trust and Leading Research Department Prove Performance of Enormous Worldwide Significance

The Background

Today’s antimicrobial technologies try to solve the problem of microbes by poisoning them – usually with a formula that includes a heavy metal like silver – and leaving them to die.

The Challenge

The flaw in this plan is that this process can take as long as 24 hours and almost always leaves what is known as a “zone of inhibition.”  What this means is that some microbes stay alive long enough to adapt or mutate, often producing stronger, more antimicrobial-resistant offspring, such as MRSA.

Micro-Texpur® – benefits at a glance

  • Up to 99.99% reduction in microbes such as Staph A and E.Coli in one wash
  • Antimicrobial effect lasts months without reapplication, or the life of a garment
  • No “zone of inhibition” where microbes can adapt, mutate and reproduce
  • No environmental impact similar to silver-ion’s flaking and leaking
  • No time or effort impact on typical laundry practices and processes
  • No additional cost – in fact, we believe that the long-term avoidance of claims for cross-infection will see Micro-Texpur® save organisations millions

The Additional Problem

This happens with the “silver-ion process.”  An additional problem is that silver-ion products can flake off fabrics and leak into the environment, killing beneficial species and affecting people who are allergic to these heavy metals.

The Solution

Micro-Texpur® is the solution.  Micro-Texpur®’s technology is based on an exhaustive study of important scientific literature, which shows that the surface of bacteria has a negative electrical charge. This means that if the bacteria can be brought into contact with a positively charged surface, it can be immobilised. Further study reveals that the positively charged surfaces of some polymers not only attracted bacteria but ruptured their cell walls on contact, inhibiting their growth and transfer immediately and leaving no zone of inhibition – and thus no chance for them to mutate, adapt or reproduce.

Because of its unique ion-bonding technology (co-polymerised monomers of ammonium chloride salt combined with silane (SiH4)), Micro-Texpur® stays where you put it, inhibits the growth and transfer of odour-causing bacteria instantly upon contact, and, most importantly, keeps on inhibiting microbes for many months before reapplication is necessary.  On textiles, Micro-Texpur® will not wash off and will last the life of the fabric.

The Testing

The Department of Biology at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke is one of the leading micro-biology testing laboratories in the United States. We asked Biology Department Chairman Dr. Andrew Ash and Principal Investigator Dr. Marilu E. Santos to measure Micro-Texpur®’s performance in rigorous blind tests against other antimicrobial products—as well as against untreated surfaces.

Dr. Santos describes the project:

“It has been recognised in the antimicrobial industry that a product was required which killed microbes instantly without establishing a zone of inhibition which would produce ‘super microbes’ and which would not leach into the environment and kill beneficial species. Micro-Texpur® LLC has developed an antimicrobial product with such desirable properties. The product needs to be tested for antimicrobial activity using the American Standard Testing Methods (ASTM) by an independent party.”

The Results

In the AATCC 100 and AATCC 147 tests, the Micro-Texpur® product inhibited the growth and transfer of 99.99% of all microbes. No product tested outperformed Micro-Texpur® on any AATCC test. And in the all-important ASTM - E test, Micro-Texpur® inhibited the growth and transfer of every single microbe on contact, whilst no silver-ion product could pass the ASTM standard even after a full two hours.

The Corroboration

Micro-Texpur® has also been tested in the UK. It was applied in the tunnel washers at an NHS Hospital, with the following results:

  • The washer system did not need to be modified to accommodate Micro-Texpur®’s introduction;
  • The cost was approximately the same as using a premium detergent;
  • Samples washed with Micro-Texpur® showed reductions in Staph A and E.Coli of between 92% and 99.99% on the first application;*
  • A control sample washed without Micro-Texpur® showed an increase in bacteria of 47%.

*The evaluation was designed to add a small amount of antimicrobial to each wash and achieve a 3 to 4 log reduction (99.9 to 99.99%) by the third to fourth wash. We achieved these results on the FIRST application of Micro-Texpur®.

The Product

Micro-Texpur® is available in liquid and spray form, and in a variety of sizes, depending on the nature and volume of your requirements.

What are your cleanliness challenges? How can we help your organisation or your industry? For a detailed, confidential and without-obligation discussion of your situation and your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us now.